dialog editor, sound designer

A year after a young couple’s child is taken by social services, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and reclaim their lives, no matter the risk.



In the City

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.20.02 PMIn the City

dialog editor, Sound Designer

A story of unruly desire and betrayal in Los Angeles, centering on a working-class Latino artist and affluent Japanese banker.


Blue Jay

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.52.51 PMBlue Jay

sound editor

A young boy struggles to let go of one family member while accepting another one back in to his life. imdb

Black Label

black label

Black Label Band

audio engineering, mixing

A ten track album recorded and mixed for the local favorite –  Black Label Band

ESPN2 Friday Night Fights

lcc fight picESPN2 Friday Night Fights – June 7th

dialog editing, sound design, music mixing

30 and 60 second radio promos for ESPN Friday Night Fights

Produced by Notion Pictures

Little Creek Casino

 ESPN2 picESPN2 Friday Night Fights – April 12th

dialog editing, sound design, music mixing

30 and 60 second radio promos for ESPN Friday Night Fights

Produced by Notion Pictures

Little Creek Casino

los camperosCinco de Mayo – Mariachi festival

dialog editing, sound design, music mixing 

30 and 60 second radio promos for Cinco de Mayo

Produced by Notion Pictures for Little Creek Casino Resort

Highlander Dark Endings

higlander picHighlander Dark Endings

Location Recording (currently in post production)

“Highlander Dark Endings”  part three of a trilogy be included as a Special Feature on the Blu Ray release of Highlander: The Series

The Brambles

Brambles smallThe Brambles

Audio Engineering, Editing, Mixing, Mastering

This is a great Seattle band! Recording them was a pleasure and if you get the chance to see them live, do it!

Check out their music here

Evergreen Student Music Project

ESMP 2011Evergreen Student Music Project

Audio Engineer, composer, mixer

I recorded two tracks for this excellent album, which was released both digitally and on a double, colored vinyl record with custom artwork inserts! You can download the album here. Hear my work on tracks 1 and 15.

Olympia Winter Nights

OWN_Season_1_posterOlympia Winter Nights

Live multitrack audio engineering

Olympia Winter Nights is a concert series broadcast live from The Evergreen State College to Television, radio and internet. I was involved during the very first season of production in Evergreen’s new CCAM facilities. I worked on the team responsible for the live mix and simultaneous multitrack recordings.

Watch here.

Listen here.

The Incredible Delivery

TID screenshot

The Incredible Delivery

Foley/ Sound Design, ADR, Mixing, Dialogue editing, music composition

“The Incredible Delivery” is a short film about an agoraphobic adventurer who receives a long awaited package. I had free reign to create a custom soundtrack, sound design and foley for this wonderful project. I’ll always look back on this as one of my favorite Evergreen productions!


Love, Chase

love chase still

Love, Chase

Location Recording, Foley/Sound Design, ADR, Mixing Engineer

“Love, Chase” is an Evergreen Student production about the impacts of social networking. The film is based upon a true story about a mother who impersonates a boy on myspace in order to give her daughter online advice.

Covert Ops

Covert-Ops-ScreenshotCovert Ops

Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Music Composition

“Covert Ops” is a short about the mission to free a captured soldier. The filming location was a decommissioned military bunker from World War 2 – a very interesting place to explore. I used found sounds from the location to create a unique score that the director was happy with. Produced by Are 51 Productions.