Foley Construction

While at Evergreen I earned credit for making these Foley pits. The pits are used primarily to make footstep sounds for student projects. Their design is modular, allowing them to be arranged in any configuration. They can also be stacked in a corner to make room for other props if needed. This allows the small size of the sound effects studio to be used in a very efficient way.

Each pit has extra long straps so you can lift it without bending over and hurting your back. The handles on the lids are recessed so when placed on the floor, the lid lies flat. The surfaces have hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl tile, cement, and bare wood. The lids are made of heavy duty 1.25 inch thick subfloor plywood. It is an accurate representation of household flooring. One of the pits is lined with vinyl for use with wet props, the rest are lined with rubber padding to eliminate the sound of the wood box resonating during use.