The Incredible Delivery

TID screenshot

The Incredible Delivery

Foley/ Sound Design, ADR, Mixing, Dialogue editing, music composition

“The Incredible Delivery” is a short film about an agoraphobic adventurer who receives a long awaited package. I had free reign to create a custom soundtrack, sound design and foley for this wonderful project. I’ll always look back on this as one of my favorite Evergreen productions!


Love, Chase

love chase still

Love, Chase

Location Recording, Foley/Sound Design, ADR, Mixing Engineer

“Love, Chase” is an Evergreen Student production about the impacts of social networking. The film is based upon a true story about a mother who impersonates a boy on myspace in order to give her daughter online advice.

Covert Ops

Covert-Ops-ScreenshotCovert Ops

Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Music Composition

“Covert Ops” is a short about the mission to free a captured soldier. The filming location was a decommissioned military bunker from World War 2 – a very interesting place to explore. I used found sounds from the location to create a unique score that the director was happy with. Produced by Are 51 Productions.